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Beware: Cynics and Pessimists

November 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright We have mind chatter going on all the time. Pay careful attention to what goes through¬†your mind for a couple of days. You may be amazed. I’m taking an on-line graduate class on Neuro Positivity. Shoot fire, it’s kicking my hind side. They talk about an Up Spiral and …

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Communication – Get involved!

October 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright With every exchange we have influence. It’s like we each have our own radio program. What do you put out there when you’re “On Air”? Some people have a talk show – but offer no exchange with the call-ins. They just run a stream of consciousness without having any …

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Constructive Criticism or Constructive Feedback?

September 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright It’s easy to blame, shame, degrade and find fault. It’s more challenging to teach and guide – but it has a much more lasting effect. It’s common to hear: “You should have….” “You shouldn’t have….” “Why didn’t you…?” “I can’t believe you….” “What were you thinking when you…?” Makes …

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The Roles We Play

Drama Triangle

July 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright We all have many roles we play in life. I want to focus on the three roles that Dr. Stephen Karpman names as the roles we play in communications: Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim. – The person who plays the role of a victim; one who is helpless and ¬† …

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New Beginnings

May/June 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright Life can bring us unexpected challenges: our companies downsize, budget cuts affect us, loss of a job, employment mandates a move, our business is affected by the recession, etc. I vividly remember the day when a county representative showed up to tell me I would lose my turn-of-the-century farmhouse …

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Beware the Ides of March….

March 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright Warnings, hunches, flashes, intuitions, feelings, insights, premonitions…. We’ve all had them. Sometimes for ourselves; sometimes for others. Do you ignore them or act on them? Not always an easy choice. The messenger can have consequences. Ever told a friend what they don’t want to hear and they hold it …

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What Makes Us Good Sweethearts?

February 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright The term Sweetheart is not just for lovers. I was my dad’s sweetheart and so was my mom. Kind, wholehearted people are called “sweethearts.” Supportive, engaging work colleagues can also be “sweethearts.” They thrive on the quality of relationships. They are typically more interested in having a few close …

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Goal Setting and Follow Through

January 2013 Newsletter Dr. gloria wright Believe it or not, setting goals is often the easiest part of New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the “sticking to it” that separates the doers from the want-a-be’s. It can help to make ourselves accountable to someone else. So – team up! Who you ask needs careful attention. When you …

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