Dream Makers or Dream Breakers: The Influence of Relationships on Work Performance Styles

Dr. gloria wright presents stimulating, sometimes startling information as she leads your audience to:

  • explore the connections between work performance styles and relationships
  • recognize the value of mentors in personal and professional lives
  • understand the correlations between early influential relationships and leadership styles
  • learn to manage relationships that will make, rather than break, dreams and goals

Riding the Transition Roller Coaster: Chills or Thrills?

Transition is a fact of life as we approach the Twenty-first Century. In this insightful and fresh presentation, Dr. gloria wright employs touching and humorous stories to illustrate successful as well as unsuccessful approaches to transition. She demonstrates that, while you cannot control transition, you can:

  • control your reaction to it
  • prepare for the ups, downs, twists and turns that lie ahead
  • learn critical skills — such as managing perceptions and reframing — that help you focus on the thrills, not the chills, of transitions.