Dr. wright is known for being provocative, intelligent, compassionate and funny. The feedback from her workshops include words like: inspirational, thought provoking, informative, insightful and most enjoyable.

Workshop topics:

  • Creating a joyful and meaningful life
  • Happiness is a journey
  • Effective communication
  • Minimizing stress through positive skills
  • Constructive feedback
  • Managing through strengths

Exciting Executive workshops offered by Dr. wright include

Call to Action: How Winners Set and Achieve Goals

Setting goals and following them through to successful completion present a real challenge for many people. With honesty, depth and her trademark Southern wit and wisdom, Dr. gloria wright helps your audience:

  • formulate goals that challenge, but don’t overwhelm
  • recognize and avoid barriers to successful goal achievement
  • learn techniques to steadily accomplish short-term goals, acquiring experience and skills needed to achieve long-term goals

(This workshop uses Dr. wright’s desktop book by the same title as a workbook and tool for continued goal-setting practice.)

How to be a Winner Without Killing Yourself!

Today’s fast-paced, information-overloaded marketplace seems to demand high achievement and perfectionism. With sensitivity and candor, Dr. gloria wright teaches strategies:

  • to establish personal goals and develop contracts for accomplishing individual objectives
  • to balance work and family to create a more fulfilling and productive lifestyle
  • to become a winner while adding joy back into the journey.