What is transformational psychology? It draws on positive psychology to engage in the opportunity and process of transforming you and your life. A joyful and meaningful life can be a goal, but sometimes it takes coaching and support to figure out how to know what you desire and how to make your hopes a reality.

Coaching is about teaching you ways to more consistently manage your life in a positive way. Many of us may not recognize that we have habits that don’t serve us very well. With supportive coaching, you can learn productive skills and create positive habits that will have a large impact on your happiness.

What can you expect to gain from coaching:

  • Helpful insights
  • Motivation and support
  • A clear understanding of your life
  • Skills to help you achieve a meaningful life
  • Learning how to be true to yourself
  • Learn skills to manage your thoughts, emotions and beliefs
  • Strengthen communication and assertive skills
  • Practice Self-management
  • Enjoying the gardening of your life

To find out more about how executive or personal performance coaching can help you achieve and encourage peak performance, you can e-mail Dr. wright at or call the office at 770-827-8288.